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Stealth Startup

AI Startup

I am advising a stealth-mode AI startup with a customer experience platform that provides actionable insights and business productivity as a service. 

Product Management & Marketing Lead

Framed company vision and strategy, providing much needed focus. Established and implemented product management and marketing deliverables and processes. 

  • Shaped product-market fit culture by enabling processes for innovating, developing, and marketing product.
  • Coached and mentored volunteers and interns.

AI-Powered Intelligent Insights as a Service



Product Management 

Product Strategies, Requirements, and Processes

Established and implemented product management deliverables and processes including customer validation interviews, market analysis, product-market-fit, market requirements, user stories / job stories, product design mockups, and product development methodologies (agile).


Corporate and Product Marketing

Drove marketing strategies and deliverables:

  • Messaging and positioning
  • Strategic marketing plan
  • Sales enablement
  • Branding
  • Collateral
  • Events
  • Customer presentations
  • Templates
Pitch Deck

Accelerator Program

After analyzing market, defining market, and creating business model canvas—generated pitch deck for accelerator program.

MARKETS: Hospitality Enterprise and SMB

TECHNOLOGIES: AI / ML, SaaS, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Chatbots, API's, Web Clients, and Mobile Clients

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