Emerging Technology Marketing Leader

Voice of the market balancing technology and business needs


Passionate About Tech, Product, and Marketing


As an emerging technology marketing leader, I lead global teams to deliver early market products for fast-paced startups to Fortune 100 companies. 

I define customer needs and strategies to achieve product-market fit and build new revenue streams.

I have a bias for action. The world is complex so I focus on user experience—streamlining workflows and making technology simple to improve the way we live, work, and connect.

Silicon Valley

Building Business Value

Grace's Business Value


  1. Expertise on bringing emerging technologies and first-generation products to market—working in ambiguity and creating winning strategies

  2. User experience champion and customer advocate—from how customers buy to post-sales experience

  3. Awarded for innovation in revenue and product creation, product execution, and cross-functional teamwork

  4. Two engineering degrees, MBA, and Product Management certifications

  5. Multi-functional

  • Product Management

  • Product Marketing

  • Business Development

  • Diverse Technology and Market Experiences

What You Can Expect



  • Developing high-performing customer-focused teams—creating shared sense of purpose, building teamwork, and encouraging continuous improvements

  • Boosting organization's ability to execute by aligning multiple cross-functional teams and processes with business objectives

  • Driving results, balancing technology and business needs, and focusing on user experience—resulting in history of success with triple-digit growth, top marketshare, and major cost savings

  • Encouraging continuous improvements—building knowledge and expertise in myself and others

  • Implementing tools and processes needed to scale—improving product quality and enhancing delivery across projects and teams

Values & Drivers

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Knowledge Building and Curiosity

  • Transparency and Trust

  • Getting Things Done

  • Making a Positive Impact

Personal Overview


My peers and managers have always commented on how dependable and thorough I tend to be. I’ve also been told that they admire my willingness to challenge status quo when necessary. Most of all, they tell me I’m a personable and resourceful team player. And I enjoy having them place their trust in me.


I'm a... tech geek, foodie, action moviegoer, knowledge-builder, innovator, fan of orchids, Silicon Valley native, and pet parent of two white fluffy dogs (American Eskimo & Samoyed).

Maximus and Mini

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