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At Polycom, I held two roles that were focused on strategic alliance integrations of Unified Communications (UC) and Collaboration.

Senior Product Line Manager – UC Partner Solutions

Spearheaded integrated solution requirements for new efforts around IBM partnership and Cisco integration initiative. Also improved Polycom processes and practices, keeping product quality and customer experience high.

Provided multi-year plans for multiple touch points delivered as new software releases, API's, interoperability testing, and solution integration requirements.

  • Extended IBM Sametime capabilities, which resulted in $14M+, coveted Global Alliance status, multimillion-dollar contract for embedded framework services, and IBM Lotus Award for "Enhancing Business Value through UC Solutions".
  • Created effective game plans, strategies, requirements, and sales enablement tools needed to prevent rip-and-replace by Cisco, provide loss mitigation, and unlock more than $150M/year as well as B2B opportunities through telecomm providers.
Polycom Integrated Solutions

Polycom Open Collaboration Network (POCN) 




Polycom Conferencing Add-In for IBM Sametime

Server-Side UC Integration

From concept, defined and brought to market integration of Polycom UC solutions with IBM's collaboration software. Delivered Polycom server-side adapter and worked with IBM to modify their products to be more user-friendly—influencing IBM to fundamentally change Sametime user experience.

SIP Trunk Between Polycom and IBM Sametime

Server-Side Integration for IBM Sametime Device-Based Dialing

After obtaining market requirements, collaborated with architect to define SIP trunking requirements for both Polycom and IBM.

Calendared Conferencing Integration for IBM Notes

Server-Side Calendared Conferencing Integration

Worked with Polycom and IBM teams to add calendared conferencing for voice and video calls required by mutual customers to simplify conferencing coordination.

Polycom API for IBM Sametime and Notes Integration

Polycom API Suite Enhancement for Scheduled Conferencing

Collaborated with Polycom server team to incorporate new scheduled conferencing functionality into Polycom API Suite needed for Polycom-IBM UC customers with scheduled environments.

Polycom RealPresence Media Utility for IBM Sametime

Application for Publishing and Archiving IBM Sametime Recordings

Drove requirements for new desktop software that enabled IBM user content to be seamlessly managed by Polycom RealPresence Media Manager (PRMM) server.

Co-Development with IBM Research

Optimization of Real-Time Cloud Communications and Video Content Analytics

Teamed with IBM Research on 5-year engagement plan. Provided research, priority user scenarios, and market requirements for cloud-delivered UC coupled with analytics of real-time and recorded video content.

Media Framework for IBM

New Embedded Audio and Video Software

Played major role in paving way and leading company into new embedded software business by delivering business model recommendations, constructing licensing models, providing requirements, and driving multimillion-dollar agreement.

MARKETS: Enterprise, Healthcare

TECHNOLOGIES: Unified Communications, Telepresence, Video Conferencing, IP Telephony, SIP, Social Business, Speech-to-Text, Video Analytics, Video Content Management, Cloud, Media Framework (Embedded Software), API's, Server Software, and Media Management




Cisco Telepresence Interoperability and Integration

Enhanced Telepresence Experience 

Created seamless multi-vendor telepresence experience beyond Cisco's limited Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) by working on open standards and providing solution requirements across multiple Polycom products .

Cisco Technology Licensing and Integration

Technology Licensing

Delivered enhanced Cisco IP telephony features for Polycom video products by negotiating Cisco proprietary SIP protocol extensions agreement and working across Polycom product teams to implement requirements.

MARKETS: Enterprise,  Service Provider, System Integrators,Telecom

TECHNOLOGIES: Unified Communications, Telepresence, Video Conferencing, IP Telephony, SIP, Telepresence Interoperability Protocol, API's, Server Software





Built pricing strategy for strategic partner solutions to simplify buying process and create clarity for customers, while driving value and differentiation for Polycom solutions.

Company-Wide Project

Unblocked company-wide project for solution testing. Worked with cross-company product managers—inspiring shared vision and implementing prioritization process, agile user stories, beta releases, and cohesive market strategies. Not only improved quality of multi-product solution, but also created cohesive go-to-market plan with strong positioning and value.

Senior Manager, Product Marketing – Strategic Alliances

Managed product marketing activities and deliverables for new media framework, financing services, and IBM alliance around UC, social business, and healthcare. Also provided product marketing support for Cisco deployments in order to prevent messaging vacuum.

  • Earned Polycom Marketing Marvels Recognition due to success and creativity in launching new embedded software business and Polycom Capital financing services.
  • Achieved 1423% increase in attached bookings by executing successful Polycom Capital marketing launch.
  • In addition to improving ease of access to important strategic alliance solution content, up-leveled and drove effectiveness of deliverables by focusing on value propositions of solution rather than just technical data for point products. 
Polycom Conferencing Add-In for IBM Sametim

Strategic Alliances



IBM Alliance

IBM Integrations

Partnered with various Polycom and IBM teams to create awareness for existing and new solution integration touchpoints including:

  • Polycom RealPresence Media Utility for IBM Sametime
  • IBM Healthcare Analytics
  • IBM Connections (social business)
Polycom Capital

Wholly–Owned Subsidiary of Polycom  Providing Financing Services

Re-launched and re-branded relatively unknown financing service. Created internal and external awareness which had tremendous positive impact on revenue and margins—achieving 1423% increase in attached bookings.

Media Framework

Embedded Audio and Video for Developers

Delivered successful Media Framework launch —creating market confidence of Polycom's new technology. Gained traction with Polycom sales teams as well as managed their expectations to prevent overselling of this new and highly under-resourced product.

Cisco Initiative

Cisco Interoperability and Integrations

Addressed messaging gaps and delivered sales enablement tools—preventing customer purchase stalls and losing sales opportunities to Cisco.

MARKETS: Enterprise, Service Provider, Financing, and Healthcare

TECHNOLOGIES: Unified Communications, Telepresence, Video Conferencing, SIP, Social Business, Cloud, Media Framework (Embedded Software), API's, Server Software, and Media Management

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