Cisco Systems

I joined Cisco Systems twice where I delivered multiple advanced and emerging technologies—bringing richer means of communications and collaboration to market.

As Senior Manager, Product Management at Cisco, I led complex cross-functional teams to deliver healthcare solutions and professional services.  

Earlier in my career, I was a Senior Product Manager at Cisco delivering numerous emerging technologies in small "startup" groups. I championed user experience—utilizing customer validation interviews, usability and ethnographic studies, and prototypes.

Senior Manager, Product Management –
IoT & Digital Solutions

2014 - 2016

Brought in to take over care-at-a-distance solutions, I led complex cross-functional teams to deliver healthcare solutions and professional services.

Technologies: Video Conferencing, Web Clients, Mobile Clients, Desktop Clients, Server Software, Big Data, Cloud, SaaS, Analytics, EHR's/EMR's, WiFi, Security, API's, and Connectors

Markets: Healthcare (B2B / B2B2C), Payers, Integrators, Consultants, and Professional Services

Cisco Extended Care

Telehealth Integration Platform

Generated $374M pipeline across multiple organizations by analyzing market, working with customers, and overhauling non-viable telehealth product and converting it into market-desired IoT integration platform with new subscription-based licensing.

Cisco Connected Health

Professional Services for Healthcare Market

Created differentiated market position and value proposition while leveraging co-marketing with strategic alliances like Apple and Optum—enabling customer digital transformations and accelerating sales.

Cisco HealthPresence

Telemedicine Platform

Initiated and managed end-of-life (EOL) process for under-resourced, high-cost, FDA regulated solution—saving millions of dollars.

Senior Product Manager –
Emerging Technologies Group

2006 - 2008

I joined a "startup" team incubated by Cisco. While my main role was to bring user-facing applications to market for a public safety first responder (PFSR) collaboration solution, I also provided direction and prioritization for the solution.

I worked with Geoffrey Moore from The Chasm Group on product strategy, including market segment selection (beachhead), and Whole Product requirements. By leading the prototyping and market validation efforts, I simplified a complex incident command solution, delivered product-market fit, and helped the development team understand the product requirements.

Technologies: Voice over IP (VoIP), Video Conferencing, Messaging, Unified Communications (UC), Land Mobile Radio (LMR), Push-to-Talk (PTT) Radio, P25 ISSI, WiFi, Wireless, PSTN, API's, Windows, Web Clients, and XML Phone Services

Markets: Public safety, public sector, defense, transportation, oil, mining, and more

Cisco Push-to-Talk Management Center

Unified Communications Push-to-Talk Software PC Application

Focused requirements on user experience—providing tools and simplifying workflows for stressful incident management.

Cisco IPICS Phone Client

Push-to-Talk XML Service on Cisco Unified IP Phones

Collaborated with IP Phone and Unified Communications Manager teams to deliver new requirements for PTT functionality on Cisco Unified IP Phones.

Senior Product Manager –
Voice Technology Group

2000 - 2006

I brought to market multiple first-generation products from inception in the communications and collaboration space.

I also supported the Cisco IP Phone team with pricing and licensing by creating promotions and bundles—resulting in $36M of incremental revenue in 6 months and #1 in telephony market share.

Other contributions I made include new product release process, user-centered design practices, accessibility for communications endpoints, and use of virtual teams to scale.

Technologies: Unified Communications (UC), VoIP, Video Conferencing, Windows, API's, Security, Mobility, IP Phones, and Gateways

Markets: Enterprise (B2B), Service Provider (B2B2C), SMB,and public sector

Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

Unified Communications Software Application

Working across multiple Cisco organizations and strategic partners, defined and delivered Cisco's first UC softclient from concept.

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7985G

IP Video Phone

Defined and brought to market Cisco's first video phone. Made tough decision to replace internal video phone project with OEM due to design, resource, and market credibility issues. 

Cisco Unified Video Advantage

PC-Based Application Turning Cisco IP Phones Into Video Phones

Delivered Cisco's first video communications product from concept. Attained 62% market share by focusing on user experience, utilizing Whole Product market strategies, and leveraging virtual teams.

Cisco IP Communicator

PC-Based Cisco IP Phone Application

Brought to market this first-generation softphone that provided mobile / remote users with Cisco IP Phone functionality.

Cisco IP Softphone

PC-Based Softphone

Took over and phased out this legacy softphone by creating an end-of-life (EOL) plan with a pricepromotion and transition strategy.

Cisco ATA Series

Adapters For Turning Traditional Telephones Into IP Phones

Brought to market Cisco's first three consumer-facing VoIP devices (from acquired startup). Led roadmaps and strategies for this early technology adoption lifecycle VoIP product-line—delivering 400% revenue growth, 80% market share, and 32% cost reduction.

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