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Professional Overview

What I do

I lead teams bringing emerging technologies to market for start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, helping them convert technology and market problems into successful, profitable products.

Awarded for innovation in both product and revenue creation, I have brought to market some of the World’s top market share products from video telephony software to Unified Communications solutions.

What I do best

I uniquely combine product management, user experience, and product marketing to...
  • deliver end-to-end customer experiences
  • bring products to market faster by prioritizing feature sets that provide the best revenue and ROI
  • boost an organization's ability to execute by aligning multiple cross-functional teams and processes with business objectives

As a result of my market and customer experience focus, I have a history of success with triple digit revenue growth, top market share, and significant cost savings.  I delivered products that accelerated Cisco's IP Communications leadership to the #1 market share position.


An MBA complements my BS and MS degrees in engineering. I am also Pragmatic Marketing certified.

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My mission is to help companies bring products and solutions to market faster and better with less effort.

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  1. Expertise in bringing emerging technologies to market
  2. Focuses on customer experience—from user experience to how customers buy to post-sales experiences
  3. Multi-functional
    • Product management
    • Product marketing
    • Business development
    • Business marketing
    • Marketing communications
    • Public relations

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Technology Experience

  • Unified communications & collaboration
  • Social business
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • IP phones
  • IP softphones
  • Video telephony
  • Public safety communications interoperability
  • Cloud applications & services
  • LCD 2D/3D videographics controllers
  • Semiconductors
  • Medical devices
  • Mobile devices
  • Hardware and software
  • Embedded software

    Market & Industry Experience

  • Enterprise
  • Consumer
  • Service provider
  • Small & medium-sized businesses (SMB)
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Public safety
  • Healthcare
  • Medical
  • Pharmacy
  • Clinical research
  • Computer OEM's and ODM's

    Key Competencies

    Product Marketing   

    Product Management



    Pricing & promotion

    Go-to-market strategy

    Whole product evaluation

    Account strategies and action plans

    Sales enablement tools

    Product and solution positioning

    Market analysis

    User centered design integration

    Taking engineering concepts to market

    Product line roadmap strategy

    Emerging technologies

    Partner assessment & fostering

    Managing technology & ecosystem partnerships

    OEM & ODM selection & negotiations

    Technology integration

    Build knowledge & expertise

    Manage large, complex cross-functional teams

    Evaluate options for quick decisions


    Leading teams

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    Personal Overview

    What others say about me

    My peers and managers have always commented on how dependable and thorough I tend to be. I’ve also been told that they admire my willingness to challenge status quo when necessary. Most of all, they tell me I’m a personable and resourceful team player. And I enjoy having them place their trust in me.

    Who I am

    I'm a... geek, technology-lover, foodie, action moviegoer, knowledge-builder, innovator, fan of orchids, saltwater reef aquarium hobbyist, and Silicon Valley native.

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