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Silicon Valley

Product Management & Marketing Leader

for Emerging Technologies

Uniquely combines...
  • product management
  • product marketing
  • user experience deliver and launch impactful, profitable products & solutions
Awarded for both product and revenue creation innovation, I lead marketing and product teams—

bringing emerging technologies to market for start-ups to Fortune 100 companies

Everything You'd Want in a Product Management Leader

People often think that successful products are about great technology and features... but actually successful products are about solving market problems and easing the pain from those problems. I help convert technology and market problems into successful, profitable products—taking products and business to the next level.

Challenges the Status Quo

Creatively bold... Doing things faster and better


Gamut of marketing disciplines, technologies, and markets—bringing flexibility and innovation

Start-Up Approach

Resourcefulness and know-how needed to bring emerging technologies to market


Understands and solves for bigger problems to deliver solutions with greater impact

What People Say About Me

"Grace is a results driven marketing leader who did a great job introducing rigorous product management process without squashing creativity. She took time to evaluate the big picture and instituted new processes to resolve product/engineering conflicts and accelerate the pace of product development..."

Mark Weidick, VP & GM, Cisco Systems

"...[Grace] added significant value from the get go... Grace brought a balance of technology and business to her decision making. Bringing in the user experience is one of her fortes."

Kittur Nagesh, Director Marketing, Cisco Systems

“She is one of the best market driven marketeers... She has a keen sense of taking in a broad range of customer requirements, boil them down and understand the market drivers / pain points...”

Larry Metzger, Product Manager, Cisco Systems

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About This Site

This site is a professional profile about Grace Hu-Morley, and also serves as a resource for technical product management / marketing professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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