Below are LinkedIn endorsements from former managers, colleagues, and business partners. The full unabridged endorsements can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

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Former Managers

"Grace is a results driven marketing leader who did a great job introducing rigorous product management process without squashing creativity. She took time to evaluate the big picture and instituted new process to resolve product/engineering conflicts and accelerate the pace of product management development..."

Mark Weidick, VP & GM, Cisco Systems

“Her marketing experience, discipline on marketing processes, contacts elsewhere in Cisco to get things done, all added significant value right from the get go... Grace is a solid team player... Grace brought a balance of technology and business to her decision making. Bringing in the user experience is one of her fortes.”

Kittur Nagesh, Director Marketing, Cisco Systems



“Grace has made a great impact on our team...She is one of the best market driven marketeers I have worked with. She has a keen sense of taking in a broad range of customer requirements, boil them down and understand the market drivers / pain points...”

Larry Metzger, Product Manager, Cisco Systems

“Grace would be a great addition to any group - especially one with a focus on the end user and user interfaces. Grace made it a point to drive usability and design into our products...”

Rick Santina, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Systems

“She is easily one of the best product managers I've had the pleasure of working with. She takes personal ownership of all aspects of the success of her products. She is smart, conscientious, hard working, and a joy to work with...”

Darren Baker, Web Manager, Cisco Systems

“...she was extremely responsive and could always be counted on to have fresh ideas. Grace stood out as someone that understood the end user requirements for her products...”

Tom Wallace, Marketing Manager, Cisco Systems


Business Partners

“Grace is an exceptional product management executive... She has an exceptional understanding of the requirements for developing product strategy that align with company business goals. I would strongly recommend her for your company.”
Sandy Sanderson, Founder, Meridian Executive Resources

“She was proactive, organized, calm, focused - and able to handle the intense pressure we put her under without flinching...”>

Manu Pillai, Director of Engineering, Fujitsu PC

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