Building This Site

If you wish to build your own website and want to know how I created this site, below is a list of tools and resources I used.

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Updated September 2013

Website Builder

This site was constructed using Yola, a company that provides a free website builder and hosting services.  Yola lets you make great-looking sites with webages that work beautifully together.  They do it without imposing banner ads or throwing up pop-up ad windows everywhere.  Best of all, it easy for anyone to build outstanding websites.

If you need assistance, Yola is there to help. Just go to Yola Support.


Made with Yola

Site Style

I have used different styles over the years. Now I'm using Skyline, the most up-to-date and flexible style Yola has released. It has a horizontal navigation menu so I have more room for content. This style also allows for more content to be above the fold. I no longer have to customize or edit in HTML as much. Modifying the CSS template is also avoided.



A widget allows you to add content to your page without having to write any code yourself. Below are some widgets I used.

SlideShare Slide Presentation

I uploaded my presentation to SlideShare then embedded the code into my site.  The downside to using SlideShare is that they do not support slide show mode (no animations or slide transitions) so that the play button is of very little use.

ShareThis Content Sharing Tool

This tool makes your content easier to share and bookmark without having your visitors leave your site. You can also see what content is being shared with tracking and analytics.  This is much easier than providing multiple links to a myriad of services.

Twitter Updates

Twitter offers widgets to display your updates, to let visitors to your site know what you're up to at the moment.  You can choose to add a flash widget or an html widget.  I'm using a flash version.

Alltop News Updates

Alltop collects the headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs that cover a topic.  You can select a topic and place the widget on your site.

FreeFind Site Search

I chose this search over Google Search.  This search engine worked immediately for me.  With Google Search, results for my site didn't come up.  It was likely because the site hadn't been crawled yet by Google.  I also like the fact that I receive reports that track visitors' searches.

Snap Shots

Snap Shots gives a site more interactive experience.  It provides readers a preview of external links without having to leave the site.


I've added buttons to various parts of my website.  Some are animated and some have mouseover capabilities.  A widget allows you to add content to your page without having to write any code yourself.  Below are some widgets I used.

Twitter Button by Siah Design

Adding an animated Twitter button was very easy.  I just downloaded the graphics and the link from Siah Design's site.

LinkedIn Button

I just used one of LinkedIn's standard buttons for my website.

Mouseover Buttons by Cool Text

I designed my button and then I had to follow instructions on how to implement mouseover buttons using Yola.  I found the instructions on forsite.

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Blog Tools

I chose not to use some of the standard blog tools provided.  Below are the added widgets I used.


Because I wanted to know how many people were subscribing to my blog, I chose not to use the default RSS widget.  Instead, I am using FeedBurner, which also allows me to analyze the traffic.  To find steps on how to implement FeedBurner click here.

Email Subscription

I provide an email subscription option through FeedBurner.

Sharing and Bookmarking

I used ShareThis to make it easier for site visitors to share and bookmark without having to leave my site.  I chose not to use FeedFlare with my FeedBurner acount since ShareThis offers more choices and flexibility.


Additional Resources

Below is a list of other resources for free tools.

Yola Code Site

This site is a good resource for flash banners, navigation menus, and buttons.

Honey Bear Playhomes

This site is a good resource for flash banners, navigation menus, and buttons.


This site has links to free tools and is a good resource for other sites built using Yola.

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