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Don't forget that usability is a market problem

Posted by Grace Hu-Morley on Friday, October 17, 2008 Under: User Experience

Wenger Giant Knife

The picture above is a Swiss Army knife gone wrong.  This is what happens when there is failure to focus on specific markets and usability.

In Silicon Valley, many organizations are engineering driven.  Technology is king.

First of all, to assume that a technology product meets customer requirements for all market segments is delusional.  Providing 90% of the solution for specific markets is much more effective than providing 10% of the solution for 90% of the available markets.  However, even if a product has all the functionality and features a customer needs but has usability problems, customers won’t use the product.  The technology or product is worthless if no one is buying it.

Product managers need to be the voice for the market AND users.  I have not come across any customers (service providers, enterprises, consumers, public safety, etc.) who don't worry about costs of time or training when using a product.

As a consumer, if a product is too difficult to setup and use, I just return it.  I’m a techie and I usually figure things out fairly quickly, but if the product takes up too much of my time… bye-bye.  I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences so don’t forget about the user experience when you bring a product to market.

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