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Developing a Product Idea Presentation

Posted by Grace Hu-Morley on Tuesday, August 18, 2009 Under: Marketing (general)

If you need to put together a presentation to pitch ideas for a new product, whether it is for executive management or for an interview (as it was in my case), check out this post.

This blog post is related to a previous post—Next-Generation Conference Room Phone Design Ideas—where I talked about a presentation that I had put together for a job interview.  This post will review what I did in building and pitching of the presentation.

In building presentations for pitching ideas, keep in mind the following…
  1. Know your audience – understand what the audience wants to get out of the presentation.

  2. Before the presentation, ask the right questions.  Gather the information you need about the challenges the company is facing by asking questions.  Get the executives/interviewers talking about their challenges and the issues they are having because you are not there.  Find out what they want and then show them how you can help them get it.

  3. Keep it concise – presentation should be about 10-15 slides and 30 minutes long.

  4. Executives want you to get to the point quickly.
    Make sure that you leave another 30 minutes for Q&A.

  5. Have it be readable – don’t pour every detail into the presentation.

    Use graphics and images to support and enhance text.

Content should include…
  1. Introduction – state the goals of the presentation and assumptions made.

  2. Market Problems – present problems your product is aiming to solve and the extent of the pain it relieves.

  3. Solution – focus on the solution to solve the problem.

  4. Competition – demonstrate why you’ll win in the marketplace.

  5. Financials – project the market opportunity in terms of revenue/profit and market share.

  6. Next Steps – summarize what action you will take or want the audience to take.

During the presentation…
  1. Go into the meeting with the intent of providing value – if you go in selling, the people listening to your pitch will not likely believe you because they expect you to embellish.

  2. Have an upfront agreement – Determine if anything has changed.

  3. Confirm the purpose of the meeting, the executive’s/interviewer’s agenda and expectations, your agenda and expectations, the time available for the discussion, and the expected outcome of the meeting.

  4. Get feedback – Do checks throughout the presentation.

  5. As an example, check to see if you are on target with the pains you are presenting.

    Determine if there was anything unclear, if business challenges are addressed with your product ideas, and if there is anything else that they would want to see, hear, or get a feel for in order to move forward.

  6. Get closure – if the feedback was positive, tell the executives/interviewers that you are looking forward to working with them, and ask what they would like you to do next?

Final tips for the presentation…
  1. Practice, practice, practice.

  2. Bring a backup method for presenting – In case your computer crashes or the projector does not work, bring hard copies of the presentation and if possible, your own projector.

To greater success.

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