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Best of SynthaSite Finalist

Posted by Grace Hu-Morley on Thursday, December 11, 2008 Under: User Experience

I am thrilled to say that this site,, has been selected as a finalist in the 2008 Best of SynthaSite contest!  It was completely unexpected because my site, built using SynthaSite, is still in its infancy.  In fact, I even forgot that I entered into the contest.

Today I decided to check on my site's traffic (with Google Analytics).  To my amazement, the number of hits had gone through the roof.  When I checked the traffic source, I saw that most were coming from

I have managed numerous websites, but I have never created my own site.  SynthaSite allowed me to easily create a great looking site for free and without a bunch of ugly ads. 

When I created my site, I tried keeping the site simple and focus on the benefits.  This is something that most marketing professionals try to do.  However, not all marketers take into account the usability of their offerings.  Not only does "simple" mean clean looks, but also easy site navigation by limiting the number of clicks for site visitors.  Poor user experience can lead to frustration.  This statement holds true for all end users whether they are visiting a website, using a hardware product, or utilizing a software application.

According to SynthaSite, the site finalists were nominated based on the following criteria...

  1. site has a focused purpose
  2. pleasing visual appeal
  3. innovative use of widgets
If you like my site, please vote for as your favorite.  Your vote will be much appreciated.

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