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An Upgrade to "Meet Grace"

August 18, 2009

Last week my “Meet Grace” presentation on SlideShare was narrated and turned into a YouTube video.  This YouTube video presentation is an example of how one can leverage social media and video for outbound marketing purposes.  

Ian Griffin, a professional speechwriter, generously converted the slides for me and posted it on YouTube.  My tags and description were added to help increase traffic to the video and my website.

To further leverage social media, I updated my LinkedIn status, shared on Facebook, and tweeted on Twitter about my new video.  Now, I’m writing a blogging about it.  Last week, Ian already posted a blog about the new video.

These are just a few examples of how one can leverage social media for marketing purposes.

To greater success.


Developing a Product Idea Presentation

August 18, 2009

If you need to put together a presentation to pitch ideas for a new product, whether it is for executive management or for an interview (as it was in my case), check out this post.

This blog post is related to a previous post—Next-Generation Conference Room Phone Design Ideas—where I talked about a presentation that I had put together for a job interview.  This post will review what I did in building and pitching of the presentation.

In building presentations for pitching ideas, keep in ...
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Next-Generation Conference Room Phone Design Ideas

July 6, 2009

Recently I interviewed for a product management position and was asked to put together a presentation on next-generation product design ideas for audio conference room phones. Since my presentation was market problem and user experience oriented, I thought I’d share my presentation with you. In a separate blog post, I will review what I did to build and pitch the presentation.

To keep the company anonymous, I’m going to call it Company X. However, before I go into the design ideas, le...
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Pain Sells—Not Features and Benefits

April 23, 2009

Update your marketing and selling approaches by starting with pain.  Focus on what pain you solve for your customers / prospects.  People buy solutions to their pain, not features and benefits.  Pain is the only thing they identify with.  Lead with the pain and use products, features, and benefits as proof points to the solution.

Start with positioning the pain.  Traditional marketing teaches positioning as describing your product / service in terms of benefits, target customer segment, and ...
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Appearing on Pragmatic Marketing Site

April 22, 2009

It is an honor to be considered as someone who exemplifies the role of product management.  I want to thank Pragmatic Marketing for including me on their home page.  My picture is cycled with those of other product management, product marketing and executive leaders whose philosophy aligns with Pragmatic Marketing and who illustrate the best of the role.

I especially appreciate the fact that Pragmatic Marketing links to this blog on their Product Management Solutions page.

Thanks, Pragmatic M...
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